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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Day 8

Since I will be pretty busy tomorrow.... this concludes my thankful posts for awhile. I will post about how Thanksgiving went in a few days, but we are focusing on what I am thankful for so.....

1- I am thankful that I was born and live in the United States. I am grateful that I am free to speak my mind, that I am able to pursue an education and a career of my choice. I am thankful for the countless men and woman that serve this country in the military, police, fireman, etc.
2- I am thankful for the people that work the thankless jobs that make my life easier. All I do is wheel my trash out to the curb and someone picks it up, my mail is delivered Mon-Sat with no issues, the streets are kept clean and playgrounds and parks are kept up. I know that these people don't hear thank you enough so.... THANK YOU!
3- I am thankful that I grew up in Iowa. That I spent my summers playing in the woods behind my house and catching lightening bugs. I am thankful that I grew up with seasons. I wouldn't want to move back to the snow but I am grateful that I grew up with it.
4- I am thankful for Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday and I love all the food and family time. I can't wait until tomorrow :-)

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