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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three weeks old

My darling daughter turned 3 weeks old on Friday and I decided to make a list (in honor of you Stephanie) of everything that I have learned in the past 21 days.

1. I can do almost anything one handed while holding a baby.
2. I can fall asleep anywhere, including standing up while holding my daughter.
3. I am astounded by people that can change a dirty diaper with only 3 baby wipes, I have to use 5 minimum and that is when it is an easy "load".
4. I can drive with one hand while reaching into the backseat of a rear facing car seat, find the binky, and put it back in my screaming daughters mouth. And I can do this while staying in my own lane :-)
5. A double chin on a baby is cute until formula starts to pool in it while she is eating... then it is just gross.
6. I can literally tune out my daughter when she has been screaming for over an hour and have a conversation with Alex. (For those of you concerned- I am holding and rocking her while she is screaming, not just letting her lay there and scream).
7. There are a plethora of sirens that go by my house at all hours of the night. I hear at least one at every nighttime feeding.
8. I have a TON of neighbors that stay out to 1 and 2am every night of the week. I hear them come home at night- it's kinda weird.
9. Somehow a little girl whose lady bits are in the middle of her- has a knack for peeing up the back of her diaper and out the top.
10. When my daughter pees up her back in the middle of the night, I have actually contemplated not changing her because it would wake her up. In the end, I always do.. but it's tempting!
11. I can go from frustrated with my screaming child to concerned the second I hear the tone of her cry change.
12. Gas is a bitch! It is what causes her to cry for hours on end and causes me to pay LOTS for sensitive formula instead of being able to buy the cheap Costco brand.
13. My daughter is not one of those "happy all the time" babies that everyone always talks about. She is moody and has a mind of her own already.
14. To add to #13- I wouldn't trade her for the world. She is the most beautiful, wonderful, frustrating little thing and I can't wait to see who she becomes as she grows older.

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  1. Way to make it an even numbered list too! You get the L&L stamp of approval ;)

    Sheesh, I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks.