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Monday, November 1, 2010

First Halloween

Yesterday was Emersyn's first Halloween. Like other babies on their first Halloween, Emersyn did NOT pose cute for pictures, sleep peacefully while we took her Trick or Treating or take a break from her fussy time to let her mommy and daddy enjoy her first Halloween. We spent the night with Emersyn screaming as I put on her costume. Followed by her screaming half the drive over to my mom's house (the one house she Trick or Treated at), followed by my mom giving her a bottle (it was her treat), followed by us taking pics super quick before the screaming started up again. Emersyn just wouldn't be my daughter if she didn't add a little drama to the night. Below are some pics of the night. Even with the screaming, I think it was a fantastic first Halloween and can't wait until next year for Halloween.


  1. I totally would have fit in with my Packers jersey :)

  2. Yes! Next year you will have to Trick or Treat with us :-)