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Friday, October 8, 2010

Boobygate 2010

So when Emersyn was first born I wasn't producing any milk/colustrum and since the hospital frowns on not feeding your baby, we put Emersyn on formula. The friendly lactation lady came in and told me to pump a few times a day to help with the situation and what do you know..... I woke up Monday morning with "porn star boobs" (sorry but they just were). So we tried to nurse.

If any of you have children, you know that breast feeding is a lot more work for babies then bottles since they have to actually make an effort to get some food. Also, babies are VERY lazy. So, boobygate 2010 started. My push to get Emersyn to use the boob and her push to not. Well I thought we were doing well until Tuesday night when she was awake crying nonstop for almost 5 hours. She finally calmed down when I gave her a bottle. By Wednesday morning she hadn't poo'd since Monday and at the doctors appointment we found out she had lost weight. So... mommy caved a little and has realized that as long as my angel is well feed we can do boob and then bottle at each feeding.

The lactation specialist at the doctors told me no binky and no bottles because it will make her not want to nurse. While I agree that those efforts are probably productive, in our house we use the binky and we use the bottle. As long as my baby girl is getting the antibodies from the breast milk and the substance of the formula, we are happy. She may fight me each feeding when I try to get her latch but after a minute or two, mommy always wins and she nurses. Boobygate 2010 continues in our house, but I think that as the weeks go on. Breast feeding will get easier and my little angel will realize that mommy is MUCH more stubborn then she is.

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  1. I somehow imagine this is just the first of many stubborn battles between the two of you!

    So glad you've started a blog so I can keep up :)