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Friday, July 27, 2012

The blob

So I knew going into this pregnancy that you start to show earlier with subsequent kiddos. I have heard that it is like a balloon that has already been blown up so I just is easier to stretch, that your body just knows what it is doing this time, and that my lovely first child ruined my ab muscles making them all lose so they stretch faster…. Whatever the reason… it was true. With this kid I was in maternity jeans by 10 weeks. I was using a belly band by 8 weeks and was tired of trying to jimmy-rig my jeans with a rubber band.

My only wish… that if my body knows what it is doing so much… that my morning sickness would finally go away. I thought being sick with Emersyn was bad but throwing up all the time while watching a toddler is taking it to a whole new level. I was sick for 16 weeks with E and I had hoped that maybe I would get away with only 14 weeks with this once since my body knew it this time. I have given up that thought and now just pray every day that it only lasts 16 weeks and not longer. L


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