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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breaking News

For friends not on Facebook or those that just like to hear a little bit more about me :-)

Emersyn is going to be a big sister at the end of January! We knew that we wanted to try to get pregnant as soon as possible after we got married. I just honestly didn't think it would happen 5 days after the wedding (I kept a chart so I know it was this soon) but..... none the less... we are having a baby!

Emersyn loves her new big sister shirt.

I am filled with emotions. One- the thought of two scares me a little. Two- I worry about not having as much time with my little princess. Three- I am estatic that I creating a new life again. Four- It may sound weird but I felt a little guilty when we first found out. Why am I able to get pregnant so easily when others struggles. Five- Determined and excited for this new edition to our family.

To answer all the questions- Yes I feel sick. Yes being pregnant with a toddler is harder than being pregnant with no kids. Yes we are finding out the sex but won't know until early Sept.

Emersyn knows and seems excited. If you ask her where Mommy's baby is, she will point to my tummy and if you ask her if it is a boy or girl... she is pretty sure it's a boy. Only time will tell what the gender is AND how she handles it. I hope my little nuggets will be life long best friends!

How she really feels about the whole big sister thing sometimes :-)

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