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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cheerio bush

This is a real conversation with my husband this morning. Sometimes I think he just doesn’t understand me J

Me: Good morning! Time to wake up.

Him: (muffled grumbling)

Me: So I was eating Cheerios this morning and I started to sneeze and I inhaled an entire Cheerio. I really hope it went down my throat and not into my lungs.

Him: It can’t go down your lungs.

Me: Yes it can. Didn’t you hear about the guy that was eating peas and a pea when into his lung and grew a pea bush. I hope I don’t grown a Cheerio bush in my lung.

Him: Where did you even hear that?

Me: The guy was on a talk show. Like Oprah or Ellen or something.

Him: Your lungs are not an open balloon. They are like a sponge.

Me: The perfect growing grounds for a Cheerio bush.

Him: You can’t grow a Cheerio bush.

Me: You better hope so or you will be a single father. I am pretty sure that someone can’t survive a Cheerio bush in their lungs.

Him: Go Away!

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