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Monday, August 20, 2012

And the sick goes on....

Our house has been sick for the last 3 weeks and I am very done with it. It all started 2 weeks ago when I got a call from daycare to pick Emersyn up with a 102* fever. She almost never runs a fever so I knew something was wrong. I brought her home, we napped and she seemed to be better that night but was still running the fever. She stayed home with Alex on Tuesday and the fever kept up AND now she had no appetite. I started worrying maybe it was strep since she cringed when she tried to eat, so Wed I stayed home and we went to the Dr. The verdict… Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.

I had never even heard of that before! It is where they run a high fever and then develop blisters on their hands, feet, booty and inside their mouth. The only blisters that bother them are the painful ones in her mouth (AWESOME!). So Thursday, Alex stayed home again (noticing the tag team sick days we were doing lol). Her energy was back, the fever was long gone at this point but still not much of an appetite. Since the Dr said she can go back to daycare, we sent her back Friday where she started eating and by the end of the weekend she was back to normal.

We had one good week and then the next Friday she started to get a runny nose and a slight cough from the excess snot. When I picked her up that night, her eyes were all glassy. I ran some errands with her and by the time we got home, I was wiping out globs of goo from her eyes. Yep, she had pink eye. When Alex got home at 6pm we decided not to wait and hit up the Children’s Urgent Care. She was put on drops and off we went. Here is fun part though, a toddler thinks that putting drops in their eyes is as terrible as stabbing them in their eyes. They scream and fight it just as bad.

The lovely cough continued to grow worse over the weekend to add to all the fun. Back to Monday and back to another call from daycare that Emersyn had a fever. My mom picked her up since she was off work that day and I made a Dr appnt for that afternoon. If you are counting this is the THIRD time we have been to the Dr in the last few weeks. The verdict- ear infection! Now let’s add antibiotics into the fun. Bonus though, it meant we could stop the drops AND it tastes good so Emersyn loves it. The cough continues but thankfully we only have 2 more days of antibiotics and she is home free. And knock on wood… no more getting sick until NEXT year.

Let’s not forget that Alex went to urgent care 2 days after Emersyn came down with the ear infection and was diagnosed with…. Ear infections and sinus infection. I am the only one not on antibiotics in our house. My ears have been a little annoying and I am starting to get Emersyn’s cough but I continue to use my netty pot (these things are amazing) and drink lots of fluid and hope for the best! I don’t think I can handle all 3 of us on meds L

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