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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mr. and Mrs.

I am finally Amanda Lombardi! It is official and I even have my new social security card J This might be a little long so grab a drink and a soft chair… enjoy J

So time to finally take the time to talk about the wedding weekend and it really was an entire weekend!

Wednesday was my day of primping. Emersyn and I went to breakfast at Starbucks and then she went to play at daycare while I got a pedicure, manicure and then off to get my hair dyed and cut. I wish I could say it was relaxing but I had wedding on my brain the whole time so didn’t relax at all. Thursday morning my mom and I frosted 130+ sugar cookies with blue frosting to give away as favors. I ran to the flower shop and picked up 150 roses, 30 bunches of hydrangeas, baby’s breath and leather leaf. Then ran home and my mom and I got to cut all those stems and put the flowers in ice water since there was no room in my fridge for all of that. Thursday after work, Jamie and Meg came over and we packed all 120 cookies into bags (Jamie felt the need to eat ALL the ones we broke which turned out later in the evening to be an unwise decision lol).

Bright and early Friday morning, my mom, both my aunts, Alex’s mom and his dad’s best friend’s girlfriend (did you keep that straight LOL) came over and we made all the bouquets, boutonniere’s, wrist corsages, etc. My fridge was stuffed with flowers but they turned out great and it only took us 2 hours. After Emersyn’s nap, we started the process of getting ready for the reheasel and dinner. Since dinner wasn’t until 7ish, I made sure my daughter had a full stomach before we got her in her dress J The rehearsal went great and the dinner was wonderful. It was so nice to see family that traveled and to spend time with friends. Emersyn and I made it home by 9pm (the girl was still awake).  Alex stayed at a friend’s house so it was just Emersyn, me and the cat at home. It took forever for me to fall asleep due to nerves but I was out before midnight which made me happy.

I woke up Saturday morning at 6:20. My mom called as soon as I woke up to ask what my Starbucks order was (she loves me so much) and I proceeded to get Emersyn up and get breakfast on the table for her. My mom came over and we ate. Then it was time to start the getting ready process. I took a shower with Emersyn since she didn’t get a bath the night before. She screamed for GG to save her the whole time (did I mention she hates showers). My mom took her downstairs to watch Disney while I dried my hair and brushed my teeth. I curled my mom’s hair first and then she started the long process of the updo and pinning my veil under the curls. I started to get my make-up on when my girls started showing up. They all came make-up-less and we got ready together complete with the STRONGEST margaritas ever lol. No nerves left after those LOL. We drove to the church and the girls started to get in their dresses.

I waited until 30 min before we started to get into my dress and was told to stand on a sheet under the air vent and NOT MOVE until we were going to start. Emersyn thought playing under mommy’s dress was fun and spent most the next 15 min under there. Then it was time to get her all ready. I could hear people arriving and was starting to panic. Thankfully the time flew by and it was time to walk down the aisle. I did start crying when Emersyn took off down the aisle but was able to get it together (for the most part) by the time I walked down. It was perfect. Emersyn did not make a sound the entire wedding, the priest was fantastic and our readers did great! The whole wedding flew by and we were married!

The reception was fantastic! The food was good (although my dress was so tight I didn’t eat much lol). Our DJ was great and even Emersyn was up on the dance floor almost the entire afternoon. Our cake was beautiful and delicious. Trevor (the best man) and Jamie (my maid of honor) gave touching speeches. It went by way to fast and then it was time for our last dance. We left after the reception to a hotel (my mom stayed at our house with Emersyn that night). We went to the Arizona Golf Resort and had a bungalow in the back of the property. There were only 10 rooms back there surrounding a courtyard it was magical.

I will skip the wedding night info J

Sunday morning we were checked out by 8:00am and headed to Dunkin Donuts. We were having a morning after the wedding brunch at our house for all our family, friends and the wedding party. We got our 3 dozen donuts and headed back to our house. Both my aunts had come over early to help my mom cook (premade food) and set up. The house was full by 9:30 and we all ate and then opened presents.

It is tied for the second best weekend in my life (only thing as good was the birth of my baby).

Now we get to start our life and family together. I can’t wait to grow old with this man! J

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