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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals for 2011

2010 was a whirlwind for me. I found out I was pregnant only 35 days into the new year so any resolutions or goals that I had for year were quickly replaced when I began the daily puke ritual. (Really when you have morning sickness there is nothing else that you can really concentrate on). So, since I DO NOT plan to be pregnant in 2011, I am making some goals for this year.

1. I want to continue to work on my relationship with Alex. He is the perfect match for me. Yes we do fight but I want to continue to work on our relationship and making him feel like he is my true love at all times.
2. I want to continue to spend as much time as I can with my beautiful baby girl. She is growing up so fast and I want to make sure I cherish every milestone and moment. She can be one frustrating little girl at times which leads me to my next resolution...
3. I want to learn more patience. With Emersyn, with Alex, with my co-workers, with my employees, with strangers.... overall more patience!
4. I want to lose the last of the baby weight. I haven't started working out yet, so my goal is to begin to workout and lose the last 10 pounds of baby (and maybe even a little more :-) )
5. I want to go on some great family vacations. In May, my mom, Emersyn and I are going back to the Midwest to see family and in November Alex, Emersyn, my mom, my aunt, hopefully Jamie and I are going to Disneyland for E's first trip to the magic kingdom. I would love to sneak in a weekend away for Alex and I for his birthday too :-)
6. I want to make sure that Alex and I get friend time too with each of us getting one night a month to go out with our friends while the other parent stays with Em.
7. I would like to try to write a book. Yes, lofty goal I know. I have always loved writing and have been playing around with an idea for a book, we will see if I can find the time. This is my last goal in case it doesn't really happen.

2010 was a fantastic year and I am looking forward to all the fun, excitement and surprises that 2011 brings.

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