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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The past 2 months

I really haven't posted since my new man came home. Being a stay at home mom with 2 kids under 2 1/2 has left me busy every spare minute. However, it is one of those rare moments in the house where both kids are sleeping and before one/both wake up.... I am taking a moment to blog :)

So what has changed in our house since adding a second kid?

1) I never realized how much I was able to just sit with Emersyn. If I am not feeding, changing, playing with or putting down Logan, I am playing with Emersyn since she desperately needs attention. I never had "me" time anymore.

2) My house is SO dirty. I am lucky it anything gets done.... really!

3) I live for 3:45 when my husband gets home. Finally there is someone else there for me to talk to.

4) I almost never leave the house. My new wardrobe is workout pants and a tee shirt (my poor husband).

5) With Emersyn- if she cried I rushed to get her. I didn't want her to be upset. With Logan- I sit and tell him he is fine and let him cry it out while I finish what I am doing. Don't believe me... he has been crying since #2 on this list :-)

6) I am more happy than I ever imagine. Yes my life is hectic but then I get to look out of the bathroom while peeing since all moms know you pee with the door open and see this...

Side note- the camera was not in the bathroom with me. It was in the office where I could grab it before they saw me and the moment was ruined. :-)

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