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Friday, January 18, 2013

He's finally here

Logan Samuel Lombardi is finally here. He came with the same amount of drama his sister did too. Friday I left work early to get a pedicure since I knew labor was coming soon. After Alex and I went to his parents for dinner and there was a lot of "pressure" but I didn't think anything of it. Alex had hurt himself at work so he took some painkillers before bed and told me not to go into labor... famous last words :-)

I woke up at 2:30 and something just felt off. I went to the bathroom and turned the light on (I normally don't turn on the light for my plethora of bathroom trips each night while pregnant). There was a wet stain on my pajama pants. Since my water broke with E, I instantly knew what was going on. I called out to Alex from the bathroom.... "Alex, time to go to the hospital." To which he yelled back..."I told you not tonight." :-)

We started getting all ready and Logan's head which must have been blocking the leaking fluid at first must have moved because before my mom could get to our house to watch Emersyn, I had leaked through 2 pairs of pants (and I was wearing a pad). I was glad to be in the car and on the way but as anyone who has had their water break- the sensation of having the water leak out at regular intervals is truly disgusting.

My contractions started in the car ride over and we started timing them... 8 min to 5 min to 4 min by the time we got to the hospital. We were put in a triage room and by the time the nurse came into see us they were every 2 min. Thankfully they hurt much less than they did with Emersyn since we were stuck in triage from 3am-6:45am which is a long time for triage. Apparently the ice cold weather caused LOTS of woman to go into labor and we had 2 emergency C-Sections ahead of us. So we waited. It took 2 nurses and a Dr to get my IV in. Poor Alex (who hates needles) was being a champ holding my hand through each attempt until he started getting woozy. The lack of food and painkillers combined was getting to him. The nurses made him eat some crackers and juice so he could make it through the surgery.

Finally it was our turn. They wheeled me back to the OR and got my spinal block in. However, they gave me the super gulp version and I had to tell them I was having trouble breathing. Apparently my blood pressure was dropping a lot. They gave me some meds and extra oxygen and it got better fast. Surgery went quick and Alex (who stood up and watched the whole thing) gave me a play by play so I knew when to expect that first cry.

He was beautiful and perfect. 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long born at 7:12am on the 12th... this boy's lucky number is 12 lol

Ok.. time for picture overload :-)

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