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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Someone get me a key!

Just another reason I love my smart kid!

On Friday night, Emersyn was sitting on the couch with me watching the newest Tinkerbell movie on Disney. It is a little scary for a two year old so she was cuddling close. I was laying down with her sitting next to my belly. At one point, she starts knocking on my belly like it was a door asking for Logan to come out. I explain to her that Logan can't come out yet.

She sat there for a moment thinking and you could literally see the wheels ticking. The she suddenly exclaims loudly, "I know! A key!"

Oh my sweet little thing... if only it were as easy as getting a key to get this kid out!

P.S.- In January- we may be telling her we are going to the hospital to get a key to get Logan out :-)

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