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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Loving Dad

Since her birth, Emersyn has always been a mommy's girl. She wants me to hold her, she wants me to change her diaper, she wants me to feed her, etc etc etc.

I know that if I were in Alex's place, I would be a little hurt by that although he doesn't show it. Well... she is starting to turn on me and become a little Daddy's girl.

We went to 4:30 mass on Saturday and then out to Joe's grill for dinner. During dinner I asked her if she loved Daddy. She nodded her head yes and then shoved more food in her mouth. I asked her if she loved Mommy. She shook her head no and continued to eat. I asked again if she loved Mommy and got the same response. So I told her that yes she did and asked her if she could tell Mommy she loves her.

At this point, Emersyn stopped eating, pointed to Alex and said "I love Dad". Then when right back to eating. Alex and I just looked at each other and I didn't press the "loving mommy" point anymore.

She made her decision and secretly- I know it melted Alex's heart :-)

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