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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Final countdown

I know this blog is usually about Emersyn and life as a mom, but now that the wedding planning is really picking up and I am in my final stages... it is starting to take on a life of it's own.

I blame myself for procrastinating so much. By the time we walk down the aisle, I will have been officially engaged for 14 months so I had NO excuse to wait so long to get on the ball but... I did. With Emersyn's first birthday, and building/buying a house I just kept putting it off. Well, after Christmas I got on the ball and bought a wedding planning book to keep me organized and honest.

In the first 3 weeks of this year I was able to register for all our pre-marital classes that the church requires, met with the caterer and finalized the menu (we have had the venue since last May), met with the photographer and signed the contract, met with the wedding planner at church to pick out readings and finalize all plans, met with a wedding/party planner to help us get organized and set-up/break down the day of, bought my dress, registered for gifts and this Thursday we are meeting with the DJ.

It has been a whirlwind of meetings and appointments. I am very grateful to those that could meet with us at our house and for my mom for babysitting when they couldn't. With a new house, a toddler and trying for baby #2 as soon as we are official- the goal of this wedding is to keep it simple and the prices down.

We are doing our own flowers, our own centerpieces, our own favors, buying a small tiered cake to cut and then serving sheet cakes to the majority of guests, etc. I am sure you will here more about the flurry of things to come. Our first class is all day 2/4 and February marks us buying the rings and sending out the invitations. We have lots to do still but I am so excited to legally and spiritually bond myself to Alex forever. Only 3 months and 7 days until I am a Lombardi (not that anyone is counting :-) )

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