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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Watch out for Karma

Karma is a fiesty tempermental thing that comes back to get you when you least expect it.  I will admit before I had a kid, I had a lot of opinions on how to raise kids and I thought I was right (all the moms can insert laughter here because you all know you did too). Well, I used to look at mother's that had their kids on a strict schedule and rarely veered off of it as uptight and anal. I was never going to be that way. They needed to relax. Skip to 1 year later and...... I am SO that mom!

I went into motherhood with intentions for being layed back, however 3 weeks after my bundle of joy came into the world, the colic hit and a schedule was the only thing that could save me. I should have known that I would be that mom since I am a total planner and don't really like doing things spur of the moment. In fact, Alex makes fun of me because I know what is going on for both of the upcoming holidays already as far as my family is involved. (His family waits until the last minute to make plans- yes I struggle with it lol).

Will I tell people we can't go to something because it's scheduled during naptime? Yep! Will I make my family meet earlier for dinner so just in case the service is slow at the restuarant we are home by 7 for bath? Yep! I am that mom! And you know what, I am ok that other people gossip and roll their eyes at me. It works for me and Emersyn so we are keeping it up. Who knows, maybe she will grow up to love planning just like me :-)

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