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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's my labor day!!!

Today is my labor day! Yes Emersyn was born tomorrow but she was born 19 min into the day and I had her by c-section so all the pain and hassle occurred today for me.

I had gone to the Dr for my weekly check up on Tuesday and was told I was not dilated at all. I was sure then that I would make it to my 10/8 scheduled C-section and stopped shaving my legs daily (stupid mistake). I worked a full 8 hour day at work getting ready for an audit that was due to happen the first part of the following week. I made dinner as normal, watched TV as normal and even had my nightly bowl of Cocoa Krispies that I craved my entire pregnancy. Alex and I got ready for bed and lay down for the night around 9:30. Not 5 min later, I felt what I can only describe as a bubble popping and then lots of warmth on my legs. I rushed to the bathroom as Alex yelled what’s wrong. I sat on the toilet and had what sounded like the longest pee every. “I think my water broke”, I yelled back to Alex. Who then jumped up and rushed into the bathroom. Ok… it was go time.

We were told at birthing class that even after your water breaks, it can take hours for labor still so not to panic and rush. I asked Alex if he thought I would have time to shave my legs and do my hair….. then I got my first contraction. They weren’t strong at first and just felt like the startings of normal monthly cramps but I wasn’t about to worry about a shower anymore. I called my mom, my best friend and my boss (who I apologized to profusely about missing the upcoming audit). I made sure to write out a rent check and told Alex we needed to drop it in the afterhours box on our way. We got in the car and were headed to Desert Banner by 10:00pm. Alex took his time on the drive while my contractions moved into every 5 min and more painful.

We checked into triage, told them the drill and were given a room. They hooked me up to all the fun monitors and started running tests to ensure that I was truly in labor (the fact that I was still leaking wasn’t enough of a clue). Now my contractions are every 2 min. My mom and Alex’s mom arrived at the hospital and sat with us in triage while they hooked me up to an IV. They confirmed I was in labor (duh!) and brought in an ultrasound machine to ensure that Emersyn was still breech. She was and they brought in the anesthesiologist to meet with me. They asked me the last time I ate- it was only 7:30pm so they gave me some Zofran through my IV and had me drink the most awful tasting medicine to neutralize the acids in my stomach before surgery. Now my contractions are only every minute. They gave Alex a snazzy pair of scrubs to put on and told us that we were headed for the OR.

I asked to stop and use the restroom before we left and attempted to pee one last time. Then it was into the wheelchair. As we went through the doors my anesthesiologist was walking by and said he had a quick epidural to do but would be back in 10 min. (FYI… total lie). I was taken to the OR and sat on the table with my legs hanging down waiting for my spinal tap. Alex was told to sit in a chair 15 feet away and not touch anything. Now my contractions are every 20-30 seconds and I am in back labor. I have never been in so much pain in my life and the Dr is not coming. Apparently the epidural he ran to do was not the “piece of cake” he thought it was going to be. I sat on the edge of the table for 20 min while the nurses got their stuff ready and tried to calm me down. I am very proud of the fact that I didn’t scream, yell or even make a lot of noise. I breathed and moaned a little the entire 20 min but did not act like most the women on TV do during labor. Finally, relief with my spinal tap. I honestly can’t tell you if it even hurt. I was in so much pain I didn’t even feel it go in. I just remember the pain stopped.

They laid me down on the table and told me they were ready to start. Alex actually stood up and watched the whole thing. I had the normal “pressure” as they yanked her out and then I heard the Dr say, “She is beautiful. Congrats mom and dad” and the first sounds of baby screams filled the room.

The rest of the night is a blur. We were in recovery for almost 2 hours with our moms due to the fact that neither she nor I could regulate our temperatures post surgery. But finally a little before 4am we were wheeled into the room that would be my home for the next 4 days. And thus started what is my greatest love J

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