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Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick hits our house

At midnight this morning Emersyn started crying, it sounded like her "I lost my binky and I need it now" cry so I went into her room, gave her the binky and went back to bed. Five minutes later the cry started up again, I went to give her the binky and noticed that she sounded VERY congested. I decided to use the "turkey baster" to suck out some snot so she could breath easier and then rock her back to sleep. That was the plan at least.
Emersyn cried (read screamed) through the whole snot sucking experience. Then when I sat down to rock her........... she threw-up all over me. I yelled for Alex as I moved a crying baby back to her changing table. I took off her jammies and since she felt a little warm, I put her in a onesie while Alex got me a new shirt. Emersyn immediately threw-up again on the changing table and we changed her into yet another onesie.
I sucked more snot out since she was once again congested and sat down to rock her. She closed her eyes and rested for about 2 min before she threw-up again. This time hitting my shirt, my boxers, the rocking chair and the floor. I yelled again for Alex and asked him to change her into onesie #3 while I changed. I decided to sit in the living room (in my sleep-deprived-mind a change in scenery meant less chance of throw-up). I held Emersyn for 20 min while she drifted back to sleep. I figured the worst was over and went to put her back in her crib. The second I layed her down, she coughed and I could see what was going to happen. I flipped her over while picking her up so that she was on her knees leaning on my arm. She continued to throw-up for almost 2 min into her crib. (At least the clean up was very well contained). Shockingly there was nothing on her onesie so I layed her on the changing table while I cleaned off her face, threw her sheets in the hamper and took her into the living room again.
This time after holding her while she fell asleep, I put her into her bouncer. She was not the most comfortable kid as she twisted onto her side all night trying to find a good position but she slept until 6am and thankfully did not throw-up anymore. I don't believe I remember this part of motherhood in the brochure?!?!?!

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  1. If they had a brochure that included those fun bits, no one would ever do it! ;)

    Hope the little miss is feeling better soon.