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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Potato-Po-tah-toe Ma-Ba

Emersyn’s name for me is Baa Baa. She will call out Baa Baa with her arms outstreached when she wants to be picked up or if she is not happy. She sits and watches my mouth carefully as I say “MaMa” and then she blurts out “BaaBaa”. In the girl’s defense, “Ma” and “Baa” do have the same mouth shape, so in her mind she is saying the same thing. She replies to me when I talk to her with “Baa” or “BaaBaa” In fact the conversation in the car yesterday went:

Me: “Emersyn” (said in a sing-songy voice)

E: “Baa Baa” (replied in a sing-songy voice)

Me: “Emersyn”

E: “Baa Baa”

This went on the whole drive to daycare. I am not sure when she will figure out how to say “MaMa” of if she will but until that time, I am BaaBaa and you know what? I am totally ok with that.

Just call me the BABAMAMA J

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